Businesses Need to Review Security Amid Pandemic

Amid the strain on businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, global cyber-attacks are on the rise. Making internal business changes holds the key to survival, businesses need to review security protocols now.

Over the last few months, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of cyber-attacks. Twitter. Garmin. Reddit. YouTube. The many healthcare systems. The recent npm packages. There are more, but those security issues made the biggest headlines. On top of cyber-attacks, we’ve seen multiple cloud services problems, Microsoft had a configuration issue impacting several areas of business, Bank of America had a typo in its code resulting in customers seeing a $0 balance online. If businesses want to avoid extra labor costs and everything else that comes with a service disruption, as well as do more to prevent a breach, something has to change. Businesses need to review security protocols as soon as possible.

We’ve talked before about how the culture around InfoSec needs to change. InfoSec professionals are burning out for a variety of reasons. Cybersecurity budgets are improperly drawn because executives often don’t consider certain costs. Hackers continuously change their tactics. Incident response teams are on high alert.

As humans, our emotions and current stress levels are heightened right now. Adults are working from home, kids are being educated from home, some families are under isolation due to health concerns and going anywhere causes anxiety levels to rise as we try to keep our distance and wear masks. We thrive on social interaction, it’s a fundamental part of how humans survive. In lieu of being and interacting with other people in-person, we are doing everything virtually. Virtual happy hour. Virtual game night. Virtual movie and concert experiences. All of this internet-based activity means that bad actors have more surface area to exploit.

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Originally published at on October 21, 2020.



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