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Jun 1, 2020

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Changing the Culture Around Info Sec

The culture around information security is vastly different than what it should be. Professionals are burning out because businesses aren’t handling info sec properly. There’s a shortage of these professionals in the market. Veterans are leaving the industry largely because businesses don’t want to pay large teams of people to make sure tasks are handled properly. A team of four people will never be able to keep up in a company with 10,000 employees. The culture needs to change and adapt with the global changes and rise of cybercrime.

The first step in changing the culture is to make people responsible for their contribution to info sec. Right now, people can point the finger at someone else in another department, or at some other company, and blame them for the problem at hand. Making everyone responsible means they are more likely to treat it info sec seriously and ensure they are doing their part to mitigate risk.

The biggest and most valuable way to change the culture around info sec is by implementing it from the beginning….

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Originally published at on June 1, 2020.