Facebook Releases Oculus Quest 2

Interest in virtual reality spiked amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people looked for a safe escape from isolation. Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 started shipping on Tuesday, upping the VR gaming industry.

Around 18 months ago, Facebook released its first VR gaming system, the Oculus Quest. Yesterday, after months of anticipation, the Oculus Quest 2 started shipping. All initial reviews rave over the new headset and system upgrades:

Six years after Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the company has released a device that feels meaningfully complete. In short, the new Quest 2 headset is a fantastic piece of hardware that showcases what a rewarding ecosystem can be built when you throw enough money and engineering talent at a dream. -Lucas Matney of TechCrunch

Even if the Quest 2 were the same price as before, it would be easy to recommend. It’s lighter and faster and has revised controllers with better battery life. The display resolution is notably crisper and remarkably easy to read text on. -Scott Stein of CNET

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Originally published at https://www.pwvconsultants.com on October 15, 2020.



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