Five Benefits Cloud Migration Provides Businesses

As a business owner, you’ve likely considered migrating to the cloud. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, you’ve likely put it off for one reason or another. But putting it off is a mistake, there are five benefits cloud migration can provide for your business starting today.


Operationally speaking, getting a bare metal server up and running in a data center, going through a regular requisitioning process, then configuring and setting up a server that is identical to an existing server takes a lot of time in a non-virtual environment. You have to physically go through the process, have tangible items in your hands and take the time to configure the new server to function like the old one. In the cloud, all of that is code and configuration which can be automated with a button click or a command. Setting up a virtual server in the cloud is much faster than going through the process with a physical server in a data center. You can add and remove servers on demand to test out ideas. You add server for two hours, two minutes, two seconds, to determine if a new proof of concept will work or not and then scrap it moments later. This on demand instant start and stop approach saves time and money, leading into the next item of importance.


As stated in the above example, you can put up a server for 10 minutes that is massive and super powerful. Maybe you run it for four hours and realize that what you want to do won’t work on that giant type of server, so you shut it down. For those few hours, it might cost a few tens of dollars, as opposed to buying a physical server of that size. The server alone could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then you have to hook it up to the network and do all of the prep and setup that normally comes with getting a new server. Don’t forget the labor costs of paying someone to configure the new server, too. Only you find out that it isn’t going to work the way you want it to, so now you’ve spent all of this money and have nothing to show for it. In the cloud, it costs far less for the server, it’s an on demand model, it takes less time to set it up and ultimately carries nearly zero labor costs.


The cloud is secure by default.

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Originally published at on May 11, 2020.

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