How DevOps Makes Your Business Efficient

When you need more than just continuous integration and continuous delivery, it’s time to explore other options. Cloud services, containerization and VM microservices are all options for expanding your DevOps capabilities.

These options allow you to figure out how to segment systems and networks, how to simplify code patterns, containerize or isolate individualized components into individualized re-buildable environments. For example, let’s say your on a 24-hour call with 70 people getting code out into prod. A typo is discovered in the code, let’s say the company name is misspelled, and no one catches it. You’re not going to have another 70-person phone call to fix that typo. You’re going to have that phone call as infrequently as possible, perhaps once a month. With DevOps, you can fix that type with the a single keystroke. Then you can push the code back out into prod and in less than 30 minutes and the problem is solved. And oh, by the way, that 30 minutes is automated time that doesn’t require a human to do anything.

Remember, the idea behind DevOps is to automate things down to where you can do just that. You’re automating operational processes around secure development. …

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Originally published at on June 3, 2020.