Information Security: Preparation is Protection

As technology advances at a rapid rate, information has become a hot commodity. Information is how businesses determine how to get you to buy their products, how to market their products, how to get you to subscribe to their way of thinking. Information is traded for other information, which is how apps on your phone work together even when they aren’t made by the same company. And while information is now being used for commerce, it is not protected or secured like money or intelligence. Information is just there, ripe for the taking, if someone knows how to get it.

Enter Information Security, a sector of the tech world that is underutilized and misunderstood. Info sec isn’t a dark art, it isn’t voodoo and it isn’t magic. Info sec is how information is protected, or at least supposed to be. The problem is the culture around it is lagging so far behind that it is an afterthought for most businesses. It’s not viewed as a priority until a problem arises.

There’s a lack of education around what info sec is, why it’s important and how to do business while protecting the information that’s being used. Businesses tend to focus more on numbers, making sure key growth metrics are met and accounting is done properly. Numbers are viewed as more important than protecting the information that is used to run the business. The reality is that information should be treated as if it is money, because the ramifications of not protecting it are just as dire as what could happen if your company fails a tax audit or misses a sales target.

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Originally published at on May 15, 2020.



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