Tech Debt Series Part 2: Why It Matters

In the first edition of our tech debt series, we outlined what tech debt is. It’s similar to credit card debt for adults, except that tech debt collectors show up as fragile systems, weak insecure code, old processes and more. Uncontrolled tech debt will cause a company to fold. In this installment of the series, we explore why tech debt should matter to everyone in your company.

One of the biggest problems is that there are companies out there which will run for two, three or four years, steal market share and strangle other companies because they are willing to accumulate the tech debt, and then they sell or shut down because they know they have created a massive amount of debt. It forces competitors to have to chase them, which is one of the reasons it’s impossible to completely avoid tech debt.

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Originally published at on August 19, 2020.



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