The Cloud is Green Tech, Reduces Carbon Footprint

Over the last decade, the term “going green” has been used with regard to being environmentally friendly. Businesses are digitizing and virtualizing, eliminating the use for paper and thus cutting down less trees. Consumers are recycling and reusing as much as they can to avoid throwing things away. Now, with the advent of the cloud, businesses have another way to go green. The cloud is an example of green technology.

Prior to the cloud, businesses would have to utilize a physical data center or have their own servers where their information was housed. Sharing those physical resources wasn’t easy, so people would have to go and buy their own servers and their own internet connection. People wasted compute power, memory, internet backbone, and literal physical resources from the world. Those servers use a lot of harmful chemicals like mercury, as well as contain valuable items like gold. These physical resources are limited, things that humans are trying to conserve, including copper. They were also a power drain, costing businesses loads of money just to keep them running, forget maintenance costs.

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Originally published at on May 6, 2020.

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