The Resistance to Cloud Migration: Four Myths Debunked

Startups and new businesses that have been around for less than six years should be built in the cloud, but many are not. These businesses resist the cloud for a few misguided reasons. They think it’s going to cost more, they won’t have access to their data, they’ll be locked in with a provider, or they’ve here or seen an attempt to build in the cloud go wrong. Let’s debunk these reasons for the cloud-phobic.

Myth: It’s going to cost more

The thought that the cloud is going to cost more is just incorrect. There’s no other way to put it, it’s just not true. When building a business, there are always initial costs. The same goes with the cloud, there’s going to be an initial cost. But at the end of the day, the cloud is going to save you money, especially when starting out. It allows for almost everything to be automated, it’s secure by default, it’s compliant, and it doesn’t require paying a developer to maintain. There are built in protections against would-be hackers, protecting your company’s sensitive data. Any cost incurred by using the cloud, if set up properly, is going to be vastly less than not using the cloud.

Myth: I won’t have access to my data

There is a thought that you don’t have access to your data, or that you need to back it up somewhere else. But with the cloud, you most definitely have access to all of your data. Where you used to back up that data on various hard drives kept in the corner of your office, now S3 storage backs up your data for you. It’s already doing what you think you need to handle as part of the cloud’s automation. It may feel odd giving up something you’re used to doing on your own, but S3 has a five 9’s guarantee. It guarantees that there is a 99.99999% chance that nothing will happen to your data. It can make that guarantee because it continuously backs up data in multiple places.

Myth: I’m stuck with my provider

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Originally published at on March 30, 2020.



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