Top Five Mistakes When Adopting DevOps

More and more companies are adopting DevOps because it makes business more efficient. Transitioning to DevOps can come with growing pains, as can happen when implementing anything new, but those growing pains are made worse when mistakes are made. If you can avoid these top five mistakes when adopting DevOps, you’ll find that the process is much smoother and works as it was designed.

Boiling the Ocean

Boiling the ocean refers to making a big change in one fell swoop as opposed to making small changes in steps. Transitioning to DevOps changes your entire IT infrastructure. The way code is released and updated, the way security functions, the way systems and processes are tested, all of this changes. Nothing goes away, but operationally, things change. So trying to change everything all at the same time is going to result in problems with implementation, problems with communication, problems with people understanding what these changes mean.

For example, let’s say your internal systems and processes are extremely complex. You need to deploy all of them, you need to have a security audit and you need your systems to have additional functionality. If you do this all at once, in an untested environment, and think that the people who use these systems are going to adjust overnight, you are sorely mistaken. The human brain isn’t designed to work that way. Humans resist change, it’s uncomfortable. And if there’s no training on the new systems, because how can there be training if nothing has even been tested, then people are not going to take it well.

Not to mention that realistically, it isn’t going to work very well, especially if you don’t hire an expert to help you. …

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Originally published at on June 18, 2020.

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